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    Miller's Photography Studios
    2616 May Street Suite 1 Cincinnati, Ohio 45206 (513-751-2922)


    Preserve your family's history with a fine portrait, in our studio, or on location. Choose from a formal or casual portrait in our studio or at your home, or take advantage of the beautiful scenery at your favorite location. Don't let the years slip by. Call us today to arrange a free consultation for your next family portrait.

    • Potrait Gallery - View examples images of portraits taken at Miller's Photography Studios
    • Portrait Packages - Miller's Photography offers a host of unique and affordable packages. Click here for details.
    • Graphic Designs - Graphic Designs are a trademark of Miller's Photography and give you the opportunity to express your personality through specialized backgrounds and objects.
    • Pick & Choose - Add to or create your own package

    Portrait Packages

    Sitting Fee: $15.00 per person; $25.00 for 2 - 3 outfit changes; Anything over 4 outfit changes is considered a model layout. Model layouts are charged on a per hour basis.

    Package # 1
    1 8x10
    8 Wallets

    Package # 2
    2 5x7
    16 Wallets

    Package # 3
    1 8x10
    2 5x7
    8 Wallets

    Graphic Designs

    Detailed Graphic Designs: Detailed Designs including photo cutouts, specialized detail templates, colorizations, black & white conversions, graphic collages of your best photos and more for $45.00 and up.

    Basic Touchup: Removal of unwanted marks, blemishes and scars for only $25.00 per pose.

    Personalized Pictures: Personalize your pose with your name or year for $15.00 each!


    Pick & Choose

    Add or make your own packages!



    Wallets (8)


    Photo T-shirt


    2 5x7's










    Add on to your package for $25 per sheet.

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